List of products by brand Diamond Coat

  • DiamondCat - healthy skin & shiny coat - for cat

    From zł73.15

    DiamondCat - natural supplement for cat

    • to enrich the diet of adult cats,
    • nourishes the skin and supports condition of the hair,
    • recommended for cats during intensive hair replacement.
  • DiamondCoat DeepColor & SuperShine

    From zł48.15

    DiamondCoat DeepColor & SuperShine  - natural supplements

  • DiamondCoat SnowWhite & MixColor

    From zł48.15

    DiamondCoat SnowWhite & MixColor  - natural supplements


  • DiamondCoat BiotinMax

    From zł104.63

    Diamondcoat BiotinMax - natural supplements

    • for show dogs of medium and large breeds
    • accelerated hair growth
    • improvement of pigmentation
  • DiamondCoat ShowMax 500 tablets

    From zł121.30

    Diamondcoat Showmax - natural supplements

    • for small breed show dogs
    • improvement of skin quality and condition
    • improvement of skin pigmentation
  • DiamondCoat DermaCare Clinic 500 tablets

    From zł85.19

    Diamondcoat Dermacare Clinic - natural supplements

    • during convalescence after treatment of skin infections
    • helpful in allergies
    • helpful in atopic dermatitis