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  • RawDietLine Cistus

    From zł27.31

    Cistus - natural supplements

    • protects against external parasites
    • increases immunity
    • suitable for dogs with allergies
  • RawDietLine Rosehip

    From zł27.78

    Rosehip - natural supplements

    • strengthening of immunity
    • preventative care of the urinary tract
    • especially recommended for older and sterilised dogs
  • GreenLine UrineMax 120 tablets

    From zł33.33

    UrineMax - natural supplements

    • urinary tract prophylaxis
    • for urinary tract infections
    • reduces the formation of struvite stones
  • RawDietLine Rose Hip tablets

    From zł29.63

    RawDietLine Rose Hip tablets

    • the rosehip fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, thus supporting the immune system
    • this is especially important in sterilized/castrated animals that have lower resistance to free radicals
    • the rosehip also supports the proper functioning of the urinary system
  • RawDietLine Cistus 120 tablets

    From zł26.39

    Naturalna ochrona przed kleszczami, podnosi odporność. 
    Czystek w tabletkach dla małych psów i kotów!