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  • PowerDog FLEXI BOOSTER - natural supplements

    From zł91.67

    ChondroLine Sport - natural supplements

    • Product dedicated to adult dogs, especially the active once
    • Hydrolyzed fish collagen nourishes the connective tissues that build
    • Boswellic acids improve blood circulation 

    From zł105.56

    CHONDROLINE SUPPORT +HA - natural supplements

    • product is intended to enrich the diet of adult dogs.
    • supports the proper functioning of the locomotor system
    • the product is especially recommended for active dogs
  • RawDietLine Devil's Claw

    From zł42.50

    RawDietLine Devil's Claw - natural supplements

    • a natural dietary supplement for adult dogs and cats
    • the product is recommended for use in the case of problems in the osteoarticular system
    • it clearly contributes to maintaining the comfort of the movement, supporting its smoothness
  • RawDietLine MSM

    From zł39.81

    MSM - natural supplements

    • support of the musculoskeletal system
    • tissue renewal and regeneration
    • supports skin regeneration
  • RawDietLine Green lipped mussel

    From zł93.52

    Green lipped mussel - natural supplements

    • prevention and regeneration of joints
    • reinforces coat and skin
    • improves physical condition of dogs and cats of all ages
  • RawDietLine Collagen

    From zł76.85

    Collagen - natural supplements

    •  musculoskeletal prophylaxis
    •  improves the quality of skin and claws
    •  supports regeneration of the muscular system.
  • RawDietLine Krill

    From zł37.04

    Krill - natural supplements

    • source of Omega acids
    • improves palatability of meals
    • improves coat condition
  • ChondroLine Help

    From zł132.41

    ChondroLine Help - natural supplements

    • in inflammatory conditions
    • in spondylosis and dysplasia
    • after injuries and operations
  • RawDietLine Egg Yolk

    From zł27.62

    Egg yolk - natural supplements

    • improves coat quality
    • improves palatability of meals
    • protects eyes from UVA radiation
  • Chondroline Junior+HA

    From zł120.37

    Chondroline Junior+HA - natural supplements

    • palatable and easy-to-apply product
    • support for the musculoskeletal system
    • for puppies of all breeds
  • Chondroline Help + Ha

    From zł172.22

    Chondroline Help + Ha - natural supplements

    • proper functioning of the bone and joint system
    • high dose of hyaluronic acid
    • easy application
  • PowerDog HMB + CA

    From zł91.67

    PowerDog HMB+CA - natural supplements

    • for sports and working dogs
    • for convalescents
    • increases muscle mass
  • ChondroJunior 120 tablets

    From zł87.04

    ChondroJunior - natural supplements

    •  support for the development of the musculoskeletal system
    •  economic dosage
    •  recommended for large and giant breeds
  • ChondroHelp 120 tablets

    From zł94.44

    ChondroHelp - natural supplements

    • in difficulties with movement
    • after injuries and operations
    • the tablets are tasty and easy to divide.
  • ChondroCare 120 tablets

    From zł83.33

    ChondroCare - natural supplements

    • prevention of musculoskeletal system
    • high concentration of boswellic acid
    • improves the elasticity of tendons
  • RawDietLine MSM & Rosehip 120 tablets

    From zł29.63

    MSM & Rosehip - natural supplements

    • support of the musculoskeletal system
    • tissue renewal and regeneration
    • supports skin regeneration
  • RawDietLine Green Lipped Mussel tablets

    From zł47.22

    RawDietLine Green Lipped Mussel tablets

    • 100% natural meal of New Zealand green clams
    • rich in glucosaminoglycans, omega-3, amino acids and silicic acid
    • nourishing the joints and improving the condition of the skin and coat
  • PowerDog Isotonic Drink

    From zł30.56

    PowerDog Isotonic Drink - natural supplements

    • for sporting dogs
    • for use during hot weather
    • after digestive disorders (diarrhoea)
  • PowerDog BCAA Pure

    From zł60.19

    PowerDog BCAA Pure - natural supplements

    • reduces post-workout fatigue
    • mproves training performance
    • supports muscle regeneration.
  • ChondroLine Junior

    From zł106.48

    ChondroLine Junior - natural supplements

    • correct development of the musculoskeletal system
    • may be used until the age of 12 months
    • recommended for fast-growing breeds