RawDietLine Green Lipped Mussel tablet


RawDietLine Green Lipped Mussel tablets

  • 100% natural meal of New Zealand green clams
  • rich in glucosaminoglycans, omega-3, amino acids and silicic acid
  • nourishing the joints and improving the condition of the skin and coat

Freeze-dried New Zealand mussel meal in tablets - natural supplement for dogs and cats

100% natural, freeze-dried New Zealand green mussel meal (Perna Canaliculus) is a perfect supplement to the diet of dogs and cats. Rich in glucosaminoglycans (GAG), omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, silicic acid, minerals, vitamins (E, C, A, D1, D3, B1, B2, B6, B12) and trace elements (calcium, iodine, iron , phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc).

Glucosaminoglycans (GAG) are a building block of interosseous cartilage and synovial fluids, which makes New Zealand mussels a successful, natural way to nourish joints. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on improving the coat, skin and condition. Recommended for young dogs during the period of intensive growth and development and for older dogs to provide a natural source of glucosamine, which supports the reconstruction of cartilage. The amount of glucosamine in the body decreases with age, so its supply in the diet is particularly important in animals over 5 years of age.


  • Protection of the musculoskeletal system
  • Improving the condition of the skin and fur
  • Improving physical condition
  • For young and senior dogs

The mussel comes from a licensed New Zealand (top of the South Island) marine farm that meets the most stringent quality standards of breeding using a sustainable mariculture program in a natural marine environment, in exposed areas a few kilometers from the shore (biodegradable ropes).

The New Zealand mussel in the RDL Green Lipped Mussel product comes from a marine farm awarded the Sustainable Aquaculture A+ certificate, which guarantees the highest quality, clean, ecologically obtained raw material in the most sustainable way, respecting all standards of New Zealand marine agriculture.

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Tablet composition: green lipped mussel.
Technological additives: E460 microcrystalline cellulose, E551b silica. 

Analytical constituents /100g:
Crude protein 28,5%
Fat content 1,8%
Crude ash 11,8%
Moisture 4,3%
Fibre 22,8%
Glycosaminoglycans 3,3%

Dosage/24h: 1 tablet/2,5 kg BW 

How to use: mix with food or directly into the mouth. 

Storage: tightly closed in a dark and cool place. Keep away from children.