DiamondCoat SnowWhite & MixColor  - natural supplements

  •  improves the condition of the skin and fur
  •  recommended during the period of hair coat replacement
  •  for dogs with white and mixed hair

DiamondCoat SnowWhite & MixColor - natural supplement for dogs

Improving the color and condition of the coat of white and light-haired dogs. 100% natural product!

It has a beneficial effect on improving the condition of fur and skin. Recommended during the hair replacement period, for problems with rough, dull, glossy hair and excessive hair loss. The active ingredients of the preparation stimulate the functions that build and regenerate the skin, connective tissue and hair matrix. Thanks to this, the coat becomes shiny, soft and vital.

Intended for dogs with white, biscuit, fawn, marbled, brindle, spotted and mixed hair with white hair prone to yellowing.

The product reduces streaks around the eyes.

DiamondCoat SnowWhite & MixColor - a natural supplement recommended for:

  • supplementing the diet of dogs suffering from excessive hair loss,
  • lack of shine in the coat,
  • increased itching,
  • thickening of the epidermis,
  • loss of elasticity or peeling of the epidermis,
  • especially recommended for dogs whose light fur tends to turn yellow.

DiamondCoat SnowWhite & MixColor - recommended use of the supplement:

  • prophylactically during shedding for a period of 30-60 days to ensure the show condition of the dogs' coat after the age of 6 months,
  • ad hoc in case of poor condition of the hair coat and skin for a period of up to 90 days; after they expire, you should take a break for 30 days and resume administration if necessary.

Our natural supplement can also be used as a complementary treatment with the following preparations: ShowMax lub BiotinMax

Diamond Coat
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Body weight (kg): Scoops

< 2,5     : 0,5
2,5 - 5   : 1
5 - 10    : 2
10 - 20  : 3
20 - 30  : 4
30 - 40  : 5
40 - 50  : 6
50 - 60+: 7

Serve: Directly to the food: in loose form or after mixing with a small amount of cool, clean water. For dogs 6-12 months old, half the daily dose is recommended.

Storage: tightly closed in a dark and cool place. Keep away from children.


Composition: egg yolk powder, algae meal, brewers' yeast, potato proteins, ceratonia, linseed, hydrolyzed collagen, dried apple pomace, rose hip, evening primrose oil, cistus, horsetail, chamomile flower.
Zootechnical additives: bentonite

Analytical Constituents/ 100g
Protein: 29,3%
Crude fibre: 7,8%
Crude ash: 9,8%
Fat: 17,1%
Moisture: 7,0%