Diamondcoat Showmax - natural supplements


Diamondcoat Showmax - natural supplements

  • for small breed show dogs
  • improvement of skin quality and condition
  • improvement of skin pigmentation

DiamondCoat ShowMax - a supplement that has a positive effect on improving the condition of the skin and fur

A natural supplement created for show dogs that require perfect hair condition and emphasizing skin pigment (e.g. nose or lips).

The preparation is recommended in cases of: excessive hair loss, lack of shine, deep color, increased thickening and exfoliation of the epidermis. It contains the optimal amount of biotin as well as zinc and copper in the form of chelate, which improves the body's better use of the active substance, improving its bioretention. The active ingredients of the formula stimulate the functions that build and regenerate the skin, connective tissue and hair matrix. They regulate the metabolism of the skin in which the hair is located, thanks to which they have a beneficial effect on the condition of their roots, accelerating the growth rate. They give the coat shine, softness and vitality. Extremely tasty, recommended for picky dogs who are reluctant to take supplements.

DiamondCoat ShowMax - natural supplements for dogs:

  • Small breed show dogs
  • Excellent condition of the coat
  • Intense pigmentation
  • In the form of tasty tablets
  • For dogs with skin problems, we recommend another natural supplement in tablet form: DermaCare Clinic
Diamond Coat
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