Hemoglobin - natural supplements


Hemoglobin - natural supplements

  • essential for the BARF diet
  • recommended in case of anemia
  • natural source of iron

RawDietLine Hemoglobin - natural supplements for dogs and cats

Natural nutritional supplement for dogs and cats. It is a source of easily absorbable heme quaternary iron, elements such as sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, micro and macro elements and vitamins, high-quality animal protein rich in lysine and threonine.

In a raw diet, it supplements the diet with blood and plasma deficiencies resulting from bleeding of meat during slaughter. It can also be used in dry food or home feeding to supplement iron deficiencies and in the case of anemia.

It is an excellent supplement to the diet of young, intensively growing animals. In the case of animals with iron deficiency or after procedures with significant blood loss, the dose of the preparation should be determined by a veterinarian.

RawDietLine Hemoglobina - naturalne suplementy dla psów i kotów

RawDietLine Hemoglobin - indications

  • A natural source of heme iron
  • Enriching the diet of young, intensively growing animals
  • In case of diagnosed anemia
  • After surgery with significant blood loss

RawDietLine Hemoglobin - production process

The product has been subjected to appropriately specialized thermal treatment to optimally preserve large amounts of perfectly digestible, natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The product is heat treated at 130 degrees C and spray dried. The SHV-1 (Herpesvirus suis type 1) pathogen causing Aujeszky's disease is effectively deactivated at 100 degrees C. The optimal selection of the appropriate heat treatment process for Hemoglobin guarantees the elimination of pathogens while maintaining the highest possible level of nutrients.

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