BreedingLine JuniorOptimal+ - natural supplements


BreedingLine JuniorOptimal+ - natural supplements

  • support for proper development
  • for dogs over 2 months of age
  • complex dose of vitamins, minerals

BreedingLine JuniorOptimal+ - natural supplements

A product for puppies and young dogs with an optimum concentration of vitamins and minerals. It ensures the harmonious development of the osteoarticular system, and the addition of probiotic yeast stabilises digestive processes. Carefully selected active substances support the vitality of the organism and the formation of beautiful coat. The addition of vitamin D3 has an anti-rickets effect.

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Dosage /24h:
< 5kg BW:       1 g
5-10 kg BW:   2 g
10-15 kg BW: 3 g
15-20 kg BW: 4 g
>20 kg BW: +1 g/5 kg

Scoop in the package. One flat scoop contains ca. 1 g of product.

Serve: The product should be administered in the form of powder or suspension (after mixing with a little water) added to the food.

Composition: egg yolk powder, brewer's yeast, vitamin and mineral add (dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate from oyster shells, calcium and magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, magnesium lactate), algea meal, hydrolyzed collagen, rosehip, krill meal.

Analytical constituents/100 g:
Energy: 381 kcal
Fat 18,4%
Ash 21,14%
Protein 31%
Crude fibre 2,7%
Moisture 5,2%

Vitamin and mineral additives/1000 g:
3a672a Vit. A 20 000 jm,
3a671 Vit. D3 2 000 jm,
3a700 Vit. E 200 mg,
Calcium 23,5 g, Including calcium from oyster shells 14,5 g,
Phosphorus 11,7 g,
Magnesium 1,6 g
Sodium 0,9 g