BreedingLine LactoStop

BreedingLine LactoStop - natural supplements

  • supports inhibition of lactation
  • helps in case of an imaginary pregnancy
  • protects the mammary glands from inflammation.

BreedingLine LactoStop - natural supplements

A product supporting the inhibition of lactation. The active ingredients show protective and regenerative effects of the mammary glands. Salvia officinalis reduces lactation, strengthens antimicrobial protection. Hops cone has substances with tranquillising, bacteriostatic and estrogenic properties. Walnut leaf regenerates milk gland cells during the period of milk gland drying. Apply max. 7 days

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Composition: sage, hop cone, walnut leaf

Analytical constituents/ 100g:
Energy - 252 kcal
Protein - 14g 
Fat - 4,5% 
Fibre - 39,4% 
Ash - 11,41% 
Moisture - 11,5% 



Dosage /24h:
< 5kg BW: 1 g
5-10 kg BW: 2 g
10-15kg BW: 3 g
15-20kg BW: 4 g
20-25kg BW: 5 g
25-30kg BW: 6 g
>30kg BW : +1 g / 5kg BW

Scoop in the package. One flat scoop contains ca. 1 - 1,5 g of product

Serve: The product should be administered on the day of weaning puppies, once a day or in two divided doses for a maximum 7 days. The product should be administered in the form of a powder or a suspension (after mixing with a little water) added to the food.

Storage: tightly closed in a dark and cool place. Keep away from children.

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