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Kaolin - natural supplements

  •  has an anti-diarrhoeal effect
  •  soothes irritated skin
  •  cleans teeth

Kaolin - natural supplements

Natural white kaolin clay with a fine texture extracted from the depths of the earth from sedimentary rocks. It supports the digestive processes and has a detoxifying, purifying and protective effect. When applied in decanted liquid form, it replenishes deficiencies of silicon, magnesium, lithium, sodium and potassium. It can be applied as a toothpaste by adding oil and lemon juice or as a compress on irritated skin.

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Composition: technological additives: E559 kaolin



Kaolin - zastosowanie/24h

Body weight Kaolin Water
<20 kg="" --20--=""> 4 scoops 10 ml
20-40 kg  6 scoops 15 ml
40 kg + 8 scoops 20 ml

Apply by pippette directly to muzzle

Jak zrobić pastę do zębów z kaolinu?

8 scoops Kaolin + 12 drops of lemon juice + 10 drops of vegetable oil – mix to uniform consistency. Clean dog teeth with a swab wrapped around your finger.

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