Blood plasma - natural supplements


Blood plasma - natural supplements

  • essential for the BARF diet
  • source of organic protein
  • increases natural immunity

Blood plasma - natural supplement for dogs and cats

Pork blood plasma meal supplements the deficiencies of plasma components in the BARF diet. Provides high-quality protein rich in lysine and threonine. It is a source of elements such as sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium and magnesium. It increases the body's natural immunity. In combination with hemoglobin it creates the so-called whole blood.


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Composition: blood plasma meal

Analytical constituents/ 100 g
Protein: 71,9 %
Crude ash: 14.5%
Moisture: 6.5%

Minerals/ 100g
Calcium: 0.12g
Phosphorus: 2.23g
Sodium: 5.63g
Potassium: 0.64g

Amino Acids (g):
Serine: 4.32g
Glycine: 2.64g
Histidine: 2.28g
Arginine: 4.11g
Threonine: 4.22g
lanine: 3.82g
Proline: 4.18g
Tyrosine: 3.7g
Valine: 4.69g
Methionine: 0.58g
Cysteine: 1.58g
Isoleucine: 2,39g
Leucine: 6.83g
Phenylalanine: 4.05g
Lysine: 5.73g
Asparaginic acid: 6.94g
Glutamic acid: 10.2g

*the average ingredients content undergoes typical changes in natural products


Dogs & cats in case of raw diet:

2 g per 1 kg hearts red meat or rabbit,

1,2 g per 1 kg hearts, liver or kidneys, 2,4 g per 1 kg fat meat

Scoop in the package. One flat scoop contains ca. 1 g of product.

How to use: mix with food before serving. To obtain "complete blood", use it with RDL Hemoglobin in proportions: 4 dose of hemoglobin/1 dose of blood plasma.

Storage: tightly closed in a dark and cool place. Keep away from children.

Produced in Poland