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GreenLine Liquid Probiotic for cats

GreenLine Liquid Probiotic is an advanced dietary supplement created especially for cats. This product supports the health of the digestive and immune systems by helping to maintain the balance of intestinal microflora. Recommended for sensitive digestive systems, when there are problems with digestion and absorption of nutrients. Particularly recommended during pregnancy, lactation and intensive development of kittens.

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Benefits of giving your cat probiotics

The digestive tract of cats is inhabited by a large number of bacteria (anaerobic and aerobic). They create the intestinal microbiota, which changes throughout the animal's life. The amount of beneficial bacteria decreases with age. In turn, too many pathogenic bacteria cause microbiota disorders.

Probiotics are live bacteria that inhabit the intestines. They improve the functioning of the digestive and immune systems. They support the processes of digestion and absorption of nutrients, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, regulate fermentation processes, inhibiting the formation of gases, prevent diarrhea (affect the consistency of stools), and strengthen intestinal immunity.

When is it worth giving your cat probiotics?

It is recommended to administer them during and after antibiotic therapy, in case of gastrointestinal problems (flatulence, diarrhea, gas, constipation), during deworming (deworming tablets disable the immune system, sterilizing the digestive system and reducing resistance to parasites and diseases) or when changing diet or any of its components. They influence immunity and are worth administering during periods of increased risk of its decline.

Composition and effects of GreenLine Liquid Probiotic

GreenLine Probiotic liquid contains live and active probiotic microorganisms of EM® Technology that support the health of your pet. The product is free from artificial additives and preservatives, and its liquid form makes it easy to administer to cats.

Why is it worth choosing GreenLine Liquid Probiotic?

Every conscious pet owner knows that even the calmest cat may react by scratching or biting when a tablet is forced to be administered. This is not easy, and unfortunately most drugs are administered in this form. And oh horror! Tablets often have a bitter aftertaste, which discourages the cat from eating them, even in a meal or a treat elaborately served by the owner. Even probiotics often recommended by veterinarians and used by cat owners come in the form of tablets or capsules with powder inside. This is where our new GreenLine liquid probiotic for cats comes in handy. Thanks to its consistency, it will be much easier to administer.

Safety of using probiotics for cats

GreenLine Liquid Probiotic is safe for cats of all ages.

Probiotics, containing live bacteria, can be a very valuable addition to a cat's diet. They stabilize the intestinal bacterial flora, minimize the occurrence of skin and food allergies, may reduce susceptibility to infections, and accelerate convalescence.

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