Probiotic GreenLine


GreenLine Liquid Probiotic for dogs with a high concentration of probiotic bacteria

  • helps with digestive problems
  • in case of recurrent diarrhea
  • during antibiotic therapy
Capacity ml

A natural product intended for dogs as a preventive dietary stabilization of intestinal flora.

Our probiotic is especially recommended in cases of: long-term use of a highly processed diet based on dry food, for animals with a sensitive digestive system and problems with absorption of nutrients. It reduces the risk of skin and food allergies, intestinal hypersensitivity, problems with defecation (loose or large and hard stools with an intense, pungent odor), food allergies.  It's helpful in case of reduced immunity, during pregnancy, lactation and intensive development of puppies.

Liquid probiotic - indications for use:

- antibiotic therapy,

- irritating diarrhea in puppies,

- intestinal hypersensitivity,

- problems with defecation (loose or large and hard stools with an intense odor),

- in case of digestive disorders and reduced immunity.

Probiotic intended for dogs of all breeds over 3 weeks of age.

We also recommend probiotic tablets

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Application/24 h/body weight

Puppies: 1 ml / day from 3 weeks of age.

Adult dogs:


< 5 kg: 1 ml


5 - 10 kg: 2 ml


10 - 20 kg: 3 ml


20 - 30 kg: 4 ml


30 - 40 kg: 5 ml


> 40 kg: 6 ml


How to use:


Give directly into the mouth or mix with food.

A full pipette contains approx. 2 ml of the preparation. The preparation should be administered daily for a minimum of 30 days, twice a year.

The optimal duration of use of the product is 60 days.



Store tightly closed in a dark and dry place, at a temperature of 6°C - 20°C.

Should be used within 30 days after opening.

Best used before: date and batch number on the packaging.

Ingredients: Sugar cane molasses, fermented sugar cane molasses*,

herbal extract (peppermint, cumin, anise, rosemary, goldenrod, fennel, yarrow).


Additives: Zootechnical additives: Bacillus velezensis DSM 15544 in an amount of at least 1.5 x106 cfu/mI.


*Fermentation was carried out with the participation of live and active probiotic microorganisms of EM® Technology. The product may contain lactic acid bacteria occurring during the ensiling process, which are not a zootechnical additive.


Analytical constituents/100 g:

water 95.6%

crude protein 0.4%

raw fat 0.4%

raw ash 1.4%

raw fiber 0.4%

chloride 0.31%

lysine <0.1%

methionine 0.1%