FEEL THE WILD chewing bone QUAIL - with quail


FEEL THE WILD chewing bone QUAIL - chewing bone with quail in wild herbs

  • high quality cowhide
  • addition of quail with wild herbs
  • supports the dog's health and vitality

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Chewing bone - Quail in wild herbs

Chewing bone made of the best quality beef hide with the addition of quail and wild herbs. Perfect support for your dog's health and vitality. The addition of quail ensures the supply of a safe amount of magnesium (strengthens muscles), potassium (helps maintain appropriate blood pressure and muscle tension), phosphorus (responsible for healthy and strong bones and teeth) and iron (its deficiency leads to, among others, anemia, fatigue or lowering immunity), as well as vitamins: B1, B2 and E. In addition, quail meat is characterized by a high content of perfectly digestible protein and unsaturated fatty acids. Wild herbs such as rosemary and white mulberry support your pet's immune system.

The desire to chew, bite or lick are some of the most basic needs of dogs. These needs are extremely important for all dogs, regardless of age, breed or lifestyle. Therefore, the chewing bone is also perfect for puppies and young dogs when replacing their teeth.

Functional chewing bones are a natural way to meet the needs of all dogs!

Our chewing bones are an innovative product that is designed to ensure the entertainment and well-being of our pet. In addition, jaw work has a positive effect on the dogs' psyche, putting them in a state of relaxation due to the release of endorphins and increasing the level of serotonin in the body. 

Why our teethers?

The selection of individual ingredients of chewing bones for dogs has been carefully analyzed and selected to provide your dog with the best nutritional values, while ensuring the high palatability of the product and meeting the most important needs of the dog's nature.


Functional bones are Polish teethers made of natural products. The valuable composition of our bones allows us to maintain the full health of our pet and provide its body with the necessary nutrients.


Our chewing bones are made of unprocessed products, the main ingredient of which is cowhide, which, thanks to its moderately hard structure, allows you to enjoy this unique teether much longer.

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Complementary food for adult dogs.

Store in a cool and dry place.
Give to the dog under supervision, between meals and ensure constant access to fresh, cool water.

Recommended daily amount: 1-2 bones

Composition: cowhide 91%, quail 4%, dried parsnip 3%, white mulberry 1%, dried rosemary 1%

Analytical constituents: protein 89,1%, crude fat 2,2%, crude ash 1,5%, crude fiber <0,7%