DiamondCat - healthy skin & shiny coat - for cat

DiamondCat - healthy skin & shiny coat - for cat

DiamondCat - natural supplement for cat

  • to enrich the diet of adult cats,
  • nourishes the skin and supports condition of the hair,
  • recommended for cats during intensive hair replacement.

DiamondCat - a supplement for adult cats that supports the condition of hair and skin, provides nourishment and regeneration of the hair.

Particularly recommended during intensive hair replacement.

A natural supplement dedicated to improving the condition of the fur and skin of adult cats. The optimal concentration of active ingredients such as biotin and chelation of zinc and copper quickly and effectively stimulate the building functions and regenerate the skin and hair matrix. Effectively revealing the depth of color and stimulating dead hair to replace and grow.

It is an essential supplement to the diet in case of excessive hair loss and the general poor condition of the coat of every cat. It has a beneficial effect on increasing the rate of hair regrowth. Regular supplementation will make the coat shiny, thick, strong, more durable and will also achieve a clearer color and shine.

It contains biotin, zinc and copper in the form of chelate, which increases the absorption of the active substance and improves its better use by the body.

The optimal duration of use is approximately 6 weeks

DiamondCat - natural supplements for cats - indication for use:

  • participation in exhibitions
  • excessive replacement of the hair coat
  • dull and brittle coat
  • dry skin

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Diamond Coat
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Dosage/24h :1 tablet per 5 kg BW

Serve: mix with food or directly into the mouth

Storage: tightly closed in a dark and cool place. Keep away from children

Tablet composition: brewer’s yeast.

Dietary additives: 3a880 biotin, 3b607 zinc chelate, 3b413 copper chelate

Technological additives: E460 microcrystalline cellulose, E551b silica.

Analytical constituents 100 g:

  • Protein 43,3 %
  • Fat 1,4 %
  • Total ash 9,84%
  • Moisture 5,4 %
  • Crude Fibre 7,7%

Net weight: 29,4 g

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