Calcium Eggshell - natural supplements

RawDietLine Calcium Eggshell

Calcium Eggshell - natural supplements

  • an essential part of a BARF diet
  • protection of bones and teeth
  • natural source of calcium

Calcium Eggshell - natural supplements

The meal obtained after grinding eggshells is a source of excellently assimilable calcium, which is the basic building material of bones and joints. Calcium is essential for nerve conduction processes and a regular heartbeat as well as for maintaining the strength of skeletal muscle contractions. Eggshell meal is a source of magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc and copper.

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Dogs and cats: 

in the case of raw meat feed animals to balance the phosphorus level:

lean meat – 3.5 scoops, fatty meat – 3 scoops, offal – 3.5 scoops, masseter – 1 scoop/ 1 kg of meat (boneless).

Scope in the package. One flat scoop contains ca. 2,5 g of product.

Serve: mix with food.

Storage: tightly closed in a dark and cool place. Keep away from children.

Composition: chicken eggshell

Analytical constituents/ 100 g
Protein: 4,3%
Crude ash: 95%
Moisture: 1%
Calcium: 32,5 g
Magnesium: 350 mg
Sodium: 118 mg
Potassium: 63,4 mg
Zinc: 371 µg
Copper 312 µg
Phosphorus 107 mg

Microbiological testing

Salmonella: absent


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