FEEL THE WILD - meat sticks

FEEL THE WILD - meat sticks DEER & BOAR

FEEL THE WILD - meat sticks DEER & BOAR

Meat sticks

FEEL THE WILD - meat sticks

100% natural snacks made of muscle meat are a healthy and natural delicacy between meals. Due to the slow drying process, all ingredients retain valuable nutritional values and high quality without the addition of flavor enhancers, preservatives and artificial colors. Meat Sticks is a unique treat for the most demanding dogs.

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Application / 24h: 1 snack/ 10 kg b.w.

Storage: at room temperature in a dark and dry place.

Always provide your dog with fresh, cool water. Complementary food for dogs of all breeds over three months of age. 


Deer: 98% deer muscle meat, 2% collagen intestine.

Wild boar: 98% muscle meat from wild boar, 2% collagen gut.

Analytical composition:

Deer: crude protein 47.0%, crude fat 11.0%, crude ash 2.2%, crude fiber 8.0%.

Wild boar: raw protein 64%, crude fat 23.1%, crude ash 4.5%, crude fiber 2.9%


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