BreedingLine Reproductal+ - natural supplements


BreedingLine Reproductal+ - natural supplements

  • supplements calcium deficiency
  • supports the reproductive system
  • supports healthy fetal development

BreedingLine Reproductal+ - natural supplements

Product for bitches during breeding and pregnancy. It supports the functioning of the reproductive system and helps to achieve a more stable pregnancy. The active ingredients of the product have shrinking properties and minimize the risk of birth haemorrhages. It also influences the proper development of fetuses, especially their growth and nervous system. 

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Composition: egg yolk powder, ceatonina, nettle leaf, elderberry flower, raspberry leaf, grasshopper, vitamin and mineral additive (dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate from oyster shells, calcium and magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, magnesium lactate.

Analytical constituents/100 g:
Energy - 430 kcal 
Fat - 27,9%
Ash - 21.06%
Protein - 21%
Crude fiber - 4,6%
Moisture - 6%
Omega 3 - 0.3g
Omega6 - 4,7g
EPA< 0,1g
DHA 0,1g

Vitamin and mineral additives/100g:
Vit. A - 20000 jm
Vit. D3 - 2000 jm 
Calcium -  23,5g Including calcium from oyster shells 1,45g
Phosporus -  11,7 g
Magnesium - 1,6 g
Sodium - 0,9 g



Dosage /24h:
Preparation for reproduction:
< 5kg BW: 1 g
5-10 kg BW: 2 g
10-20kg BW: 4 g
20-30kg BW: 6 g
30-40kg BW: 8 g
40kg BW<...10g

During pregnancy
< 5kg BW: 1,5 g
5-10 kg BW: 3 g
10-20kg BW: 5 g
20-30kg BW: 7 g
30-40kg BW: 10g
40kg BW<...12g

Scoop in the package. One flat scoop contains ca. 2 g of product.

Serve: Should be administered after mixing with food in the form of loose powder or a suspension after mixing it with a little water. In the period of preparation for mating, administration of the product should commence approx. 2 weeks before the expected heat and continue throughout pregnancy until delivery.

Storage: tightly closed in a dark and cool place. Keep away from children.