BreedingLine Spermaster - natural supplements

BreedingLine Spermaster

BreedingLine Spermaster - a natural supplement that improves semen in reproducers


BreedingLine Spermaster - natural supplements

Product intended to enrich the diet of dogs - stud males in the reproductive period and in the case of poorer semen quality. The active ingredients influence the effective course of the spermatogenesis process. Preparation based on selenium yeast, enriched with L-carnitine and evening primrose, increases the volume of produced ejaculate, improves vitality and increases the number of properly formed sperm.

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Scoop in the package. One flat scoop contains ca. 3 g of product.

Form: powder

Serve: The product should be administered in the form of powder or suspension (after mixing with a little water) added to the food

Composition: selenium yeast, rosehip extract.

Dietary additives /100 g: 3a910 L-carnitine 15,46 g , 3a700 Vitamin E 3,09 g , 2b evening primrose 1,55 g , 3b607  zinc chelate 124 mg, 3b413 copper chelate 130 mg .

Analytical constituents /100 g: Energy 340 kcal, Fat 8,9%, Ash 4,44 %, Protein 41%,  Fibre 6,5%, Moisture 4,7%


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