Premium Selection 100% Lamb


Premium Selection 100% Lamb

  • BARF alternative diet
  • monoprotein
  • without cereals

Premium Selection wet dog food, 100% lamb

A delicious meal composed of juicy lamb meat with valuable dietary properties. Enriched with vitamins and minerals essential for health. The addition of lungs, kidneys, liver, trachea and aromatic lamb broth makes the food a perfect alternative to the BARF diet and elimination diet. Supplementary food for adult dogs.

Premium Selection Lamb 100% wet food is a complementary, grain-free wet food for dogs of all breeds. Thanks to gentle processing, the food is exceptionally delicate, guarantees ease of digestion and the highest quality without the addition of flavor enhancers, preservatives and artificial colors. A high level of bioavailability ensures low feed consumption. The process of producing food in its own juice with fresh meat guarantees unique taste experiences for the most demanding dogs.

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Recommended dosage/24h

3-5 kg: 120-200g
5-10 kg: 200-400g
10-20 kg: 400-800g
20-30 kg: 800- 1200g
>30kg: 1200-1700g

Above amounts are approximate. The actual demand depends on the breed, age and activity of the dog

Composition: 100% lamb (including 35% muscle meat, 20% lung, 20% kidney, 15% trachea, 5% liver, 5% lamb broth

Dietary additives/kg:3a672a Vit. A: 3570 IU, 3a671, Vit. D3: 236 IU, 3a700 Vit. E: 42 mg, 3a821 Vit. B1: 0,304 mg, 3a831 Vit. B6: 0,3 mg, Vit. B12: 4,5 μg, 3a880 Biotin: 150 μg, 3b103 Iron: 20 mg.

Analytical constituents/100g:

Protein: 7,7%,
Fat: 13,1%,
Crude fiber: 0,8%,
Crude ash: 1,67%,
Moisture: 74,2%,

Energy: 181 kcal / 100 g.

After opening, keep storage in a fridge up to 48 hours. Serve at room temperature. Always provide your dog with fresh, cool water.