Hemoglobin&BloodPlasma - natural supplements

Hemoglobin&BloodPlasma 120 tablets

Hemoglobin&BloodPlasma - natural supplements

  •  essential for BARF diet
  •  recommended in case of anemia
  •  strengthens immunity

RawDietLine Hemoglobin & Plasma - natural supplements for dogs and cats

A natural nutritional supplement dedicated to dogs and cats fed with raw meat. It supplements the diet with blood and plasma deficiencies resulting from bleeding of meat during slaughter. It is a source of heme, quaternary, easily absorbable iron, elements such as sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, micro and macro elements and vitamins, high-quality animal protein rich in lysine and threonine. It is an excellent supplement to the diet of young, intensively growing animals.


Lysine is an amino acid necessary for building collagen in cartilage and skin. Threonine – necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, liver regeneration, and reconstruction of muscle fibers.


Hemoglobin & Plasma - natural supplement - application:

·        BARF diet essentials

·        Strengthens natural immunity

·        A natural source of heme iron

·        Enriching the diet of young, intensively growing animals

·        If anemia is detected,

·        After surgery with significant blood loss

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Tablet composition: pork hemoglobin 400 mg, pork blood plasma meal 100 mg.

Technological additives: cellulose.

Analytical ingredients/100g:

Protein: 74.2%

Fiber: 9.5%

Raw ash: 4.7%

Humidity: 6.0%


Calcium/Calcium: 0.14g

Phosphorus/Phosphorus: 0.51g

Sodium/Sodium: 1.25g

Potassium/Potassium: 0.6g

Iron/Iron: 0.17g

One tablet contains 0.85 mg of iron*.

*Amino acids

Serine/Serine: 4.176g

Glycine/Glycine: 3,984g

Histidine/Histidine: 6.064g

Arginine/Arginine: 3,742g

Threonine/Threonine: 3.276g

Alanine/Alanine: 6.82g

Proline/Proline: 3,356g

Tyrosine/Tyrosine: 2.38g

Valine/Valine: 7,554g

Methionine/Methionine: 0.78g

Cysteine/Cysteine: 0.644g

Isoleucine/Isoleucine: 0.774g

Leucine/Leucine: 10,806g

Phenylalanine/Phenylalanine: 5.962g

Lysine/Lysine: 7,706g

Aspartic acid: 9.868g

Glutamic acid: 7.864g

* the average content of ingredients undergoes typical changes in natural products.

Dosage: 1 tablet per 5 kg of body weight or 1 tablet per 50 g of raw food

How to use: mix with food or directly into the mouth

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