Premium Selection - turkey with veal - wet food


Premium Selection - turkey with veal - wet food

  • hypoallergenic grain-free formula
  • duo-protein, complete recipe without chicken
  • Super premium wet food for puppy

Premium Selection Countryside - complete wet food turkey with veal

A perfectly composed, complete turkey and veal dish. The ideal proportions of skeletal meat and organs as well as "superfood" ingredients such as shrimp, New Zealand mussel, and salmon oil make the food an ideal combination of a tasty and healthy complete meal even for the most demanding puppies and young dogs.

Premium Selection Swojskie Smaki - bezzbożowa karma jagnięcina z kaczką dla szczeniąt i psów młodych

Premium Selection Countryside - complete wet food turkey with veal

  • hypoallergenic grain-free formula
  • duoprotein, complete recipe without chicken
  • super premium wet food for puppies

Premium Selection Countryside wet food is an extremely tasty duo of meats ensuring excellent development of your puppy! Grain-free, complete wet food of super premium quality based on turkey and veal meat with the addition of "superfood" ingredients such as Polish apples, shrimps, New Zealand mussels and salmon oil. The food provides a perfectly balanced diet with an optimal amount of easily digestible protein with high nutritional value. Dedicated to puppies of all breeds, especially recommended for picky dogs with an increased supply of vitamins and nutrients. Perfect for growing, young dogs with normal and increased activity. The addition of the highest quality salmon oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, valuable for your dog's fur and skin.

Fresh veal meat is highly rich in iron, B vitamins, vitamin A and niacin, which is responsible for regulating cholesterol in the blood. Turkey meat is at the top of the list of the most valuable types of meat, this is due to, among others, with low fat content and high-quality protein and many vitamins found in meat. The combination of these two types of meat makes Premium Selection Puppy Turkey and Veal food an ideal choice for puppies and young dogs with increased nutritional needs during the period of intensive growth and development.

The recipe contains a complex of chondroprotective ingredients responsible for the proper functioning and development of the musculoskeletal system, which is particularly important in the nutrition of puppies and young dogs during intensive growth. The addition of 100% natural, freeze-dried New Zealand mussel meal provides glucosaminoglycans (GAG), omega-3 fatty acids, a number of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

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Premium Selection Countryside - hypoallergenic super premium foods produced in Poland!

Premium Selection food formulas are free from ingredients considered potential allergens! Our ingredients do not contain: chicken fat and meat, gluten, legumes (peas/peas), artificial preservatives, plant pulps, cereals and sunflower (including sunflower oil) along with the pesticides, dioxins and heavy metals (found in in sea fish).

We produce all our food in Poland, using the highest quality regional ingredients obtained from local suppliers, thus supporting Polish companies and domestic agriculture.

Premium Selection Countryside is 100% natural food, prepared only from fresh regional ingredients in human-grade quality, without artificial additives, dyes and preservatives.

Premium Selection Countryside by Pokusa for Health - hypoallergenic super premium food without chicken!

Premium Selection Countryside wet food is distinguished by the fact that we prepare it from, among other things, fresh meat, which is the best source of high-quality, easily digestible protein. Premium Selection high-meat wet foods were created out of the need to provide dogs with what is best, and this is possible thanks to "superfoods" products, i.e. carefully selected meat with the addition of juicy Polish apples, healthy vegetables and the highest quality salmon oil.

Pokusa For Health is a Polish brand and a leader on the pet market for many years. We produce our food, delicacies and supplements in Poland, using the highest quality regional ingredients obtained from local suppliers.

Check out what distinguishes Premium Selection wet food for dogs:

  • super premium quality food
  • hypoallergenic formulas
  • without grains, rice and soy 
  • without fat and chicken meat
  • without legumes and sunflower seeds
  • original recipes
  • addition of chondroitin and glucosamine to support the musculoskeletal system
  • shiny fur thanks to the addition of salmon oil
  • gluten-free recipes
  • our foods do not contain vegetable oils! (sunflower, rapeseed)
  • recipes free from plant pulps
  • made in Poland

You will read more about wet food from the Premium Selection line soon on our blog!

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