Feel The Wild - duck with pear - wet food


Feel The Wild - duck with pear - wet food

  • complete meal made of natural ingredients, 
  • without artificial flavors, preservatives and coloring substances. 
  • in an elimination diet as well as for dogs with a sensitive digestive system

Feel The Wild - Duck with pear - wet food for dogs

A perfectly composed dish of duck muscle meat in perfect proportions with the addition of hearts, liver, gizzards and an exquisite pear. A complete meal made of natural ingredients, without artificial flavors, preservatives and coloring substances. Thanks to gentle processing, wet food in its own juice is exceptionally aromatic, tasty and easily digestible. The one type of protein used allows the food to be used in an elimination diet and for dogs with a sensitive digestive system.

Duck with pear - complete wet food for dogs

Taste the wild! The Feel The Wild dog food line is a uniquely composed recipe based on meat of wild origin with high taste and nutritional values. The high level of food digestibility ensures low consumption. Fresh meat is used to produce the wet food, making it very tasty and eagerly eaten even by the pickiest dogs. The Feel The Wild line does not contain grains, peas, chicken meat or fat.

Feel The Wild - Duck with Pear - includes, among others:

  • duck meat - an important source of high-quality protein that gives the body energy (100 grams of meat contains almost 30 grams of protein); it also contains fatty acids that strengthen, among others: circulatory system; duck meat contains iron, which prevents the development of anemia and increases the body's immunity, and a number of vitamins, including: A, E and B vitamins,
  • fresh pears are a source of potassium, important for the nervous system and healthy muscles, and support digestion processes.
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Recommended dosage/24h:

3-5 kg 120-200 g
5-10 kg 200-400 g
10-20 kg 400-800 g
20-30 kg 800-1200 g
> 30kg 1200 - 1700 g

The given quantities are indicative. Actual requirement depends on breed, age and activity. Remember to provide your dog with constant access to fresh water.

After opening, store in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. Serve at room temperature.

Composition: 78% duck meat (55,0% muscle meat, 10% stomachs, 8% hearts, 5% liver), 8% carrot, 5% duck broth, 4% pears, potatoes, vitamin and mineral


Dietary additives: 3a672a Vit. A: 3570 IU, 3a671 Vit. D3: 236 IU, 3a700 Vit. E: 42 mg, 3a821 Vit. B1: 0,304 mg, 3a831 Vit. B6: 0,3 mg, Vit. B12: 24,5 μg, 3a880 Biotin: 150 μg, 3b103 Iron 20 mg.

Analytical constituents: Protein 9.8%, Fat 8.9%, Total ash 1.6%, Crude fiber 0.8%, Moisture 84.6%, Calcium 195 mg, Sodium 7,5 mg, Phosphorus 148 mg,

Energy 87 kcal / 100 g

Always provide your dog with fresh, cool water.

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