Probiotic GreenLine

Probiotic liquid for dogs and cats

  • helps with digestive problems
  • in case of recurrent diarrhoea
  • during antibiotic therapy
Capacity ml

Probiotic liquid for dogs and cats

Natural product dedicated for dogs and cats to dietary prevention stabilization of the intestinal flora. Recommended for dogs and cats who having a sensitive digestive system with digestive problems, and assimilation of nutrients. Especially recommended during pregnancy, lactation and intensive development of puppies / kittens.

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Adult cats: 1 ml directly into the mouth.
Kittens: 0,5 ml / day from 3 weeks of age.
Puppies: 1 ml / day from 3 weeks of age.

Adult dogs:
< 5 kg BW 1 ml
5 - 10 kg BW 2 ml
10 - 20 kg BW 3 ml
20 - 30 kg BW 4 ml
30 - 40 kg BW 5 ml
> 40 kg BW 6 ml


Probiotic liquid should be taken with the pipette provided in an amount corresponding to the body weight of the animal. A full pipette contains approx. 2 ml of the product. Serve directly into the mouth or into the food.

The product should be administered daily for a minimum period of 30 days, twice a year. Optimal application time of the product is 60 days.

WARNING! It is recommended to serve double dose in case of: dewarming, period of convale - scence, bitches and cats in lactation

Composition: water 87%, vegetable glycerol 7,5%, 5% sugar cane molasses, gum xanthan 0,3%, potassium sorbate 0,2%.

Additives: Zootechnical additives:

L. plantarum 1,95x10 CFU/g

S. boulardii 3,3x10CFU/g

Analytical ingredients / 100 g:

Protein 2,5%, Moisture 2,8%, Fat 0,5%, Total ash 0,73%, Crude fiber 0,9%, Calcium 3,77 mg, Sodium 29,7 mg.

Storage: Keep tightly closed in a dark and dry place, in temperature 6° C - 20°C.

Use up to 30 days after opening.

Best before: date and number batch on the package



Magdalena Ś

Probiotyk w płynie

Doskonały preparat wzbogacający i stabilizujący mikroflorę przewodu pokarmowego. Polecam każdemu hodowcy i właścicielowi pieska! :)

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